Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hollywood's Hottest Trend - color melting

Drastic: Dark to light
Medium to honeyDark to Medium
Dark to Carmel
Medium to blonde

What is color melting? It is the process of using several colors, ranging from your natural at the roots to the desired lightness on the ends, to highlight hair. Coloring melting is especially popular on long hair, creating natural-looking highlights.


  1. I've been wanting to do this, but I worry that it just looks like high lights grown out.

  2. I want it. Can I schedule an appointment for the next time you are in southern Utah or next time im up there? I really love this. How much will it cost?
    and can the kids hang and be buds?
    I miss you
    and hope things are going okay.
    Erik the Red played Triggerlocks Dirty 12 the other night and I missed you so so bad. please lets get together soon!

  3. Okay I am glad you contacted me, and glad you got some referrals! I definitely want to get a color. Maybe over Christmas break? Let me know what's available for you!

  4. Hi, I am excited about our appointment tomorrow!

    I like the coloring of this hair. The brown with the red mixed in with it. This would also be a great haircut to shape mine up to.

    Here is the color of extensions I will be getting:,default,pd.html